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The SAY Property is a greenfields exploration project spanning 3,326 hectares located in a relatively unexplored corridor of the prolific Stikine Terrane situated between British Columbia’s Toodoggone District and the Skeena Arch.


SAY Exploration Highlights are:


2023 – 5.17% copper & 330 g/t silver to 2.01% copper & 149 g/t silver over a greater than 3 km-long ridgeline trend that is open in all directions.


2022 - grab samples grading 14.5% copper & 850 g/t silver and 12.6% copper & 884 g/t silver.



















The SAY is located 140km north of Smithers, 115km south of the Kemess Mine and adjacent to Imperial Metal’s Bear Lake property. The property is accessible by helicopter (with possible Cessna landing on ridgetop), however, there is abundant active logging in the area and the road networks increase each year. The current closest road access is 3.5 km south of the property. Local communities are proactive to exploration and engagement.












Volcanic rocks of the Lower Jurassic Telkwa Formation of the Hazelton Group underlie the entire property. 

Stratigraphy comprises upper subaerial hematite-rich fragmental, lower green-grey submarine tuffs & breccias, local mafic flows, cross-cut by local fine-grained monzonitic to dioritic dykes.


Strata are cut by dominant N-S structures and lesser NW structures. These N-S structures exhibit possible control on Spur showing mineralization. A major NS structure has been mapped regionally bisecting the property. 


Minor small-scale monzonitic to dioritic intrusive dikes outcrop at the West Spur zone proximal to Cu-Ag mineralization with unknown age and provenance. Potential for further intrusive volume across the property.






















The Spur Zone is comprised of three mineralized zones and hosts bonanza-grade copper-silver mineralization with the possibility for along-strike and down-dip continuation and in close proximity to mineralized intrusive bodies. 

The Western Structure (A):

High-grade Cu-Ag hosted in mineralized brittle malachite-azurite shears with bornite-chalcopyrite blowouts. Variably mineralized along 541m strike length.

The Western Intrusion (B):

20 m x5 m outcrop of malachite-stained intrusive with pyrite-chalcopyrite-malachite mineralization and calcite stockwork. Possible fluid source for the Western Structure. 

The Eastern Structure (C):

1-3m wide potassic feldspar-calcite-malachite-azurite breccia in fragmental volcanics. Semi-continuous along 415 m strike length.

















A 55-km-long NNW-trending strong magnetic high hosts several showings & prospects. Projects in the broader region have demonstrated size potential.





To find out more about the SAY Property please click the button below to download our property presentation or contact us. 

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